Guide unit, The importance of its using

The importance to have a good design on the pneumatic automated installations is high, because in this way we get the optimal functionality, and it’s achieved the objective of the application, making longer the useful life of the components. One of the best options to achieve better performance is to incorporate a linear guide unit. It’s a complement to pneumatic cylinders and their use is increasingly widespread in applications due to their great benefits.


With the guide units we achieve:

– Robustness

– Increased loads

– Increased precision

The pneumatic cylinders are coupled to the guide units through the rod, thus achieving a robust element that reduces wear and increases the useful life of the cylinder.

They are forming a single element, its strength is greater, so its loads are higher than the cylinder alone, as it distributes and supports the load between them.

It should be noted that due to the design of the guide units, an increase in precision is achieved as the alignment is better, thus eliminating the rotation and torsion that the pneumatic actuator may have.

Our guide units

They are designed to be used in both ISO 15552 and ISO 6432 cylinders.

We have two types of guide units, type H and type U. Both have the same functionality, but the latter one is focused for applications where there is a reduced space because the body is smaller, but equally precise.

stainless steel guide unitThere are different versions. Within the U-type unit it can be choosed between the version:

    • With a bronze bushing designed for applications that require more weight support
    • With a nylon bushing, recommended for machines that are exposed to corrosive environments

For the unit type H:

  • The two previous versions
  • With ball bearings, which is recommended for applications where a higher speed is needed

Guide Unit Applications

These linear units are made of AG3 aluminum. Anticorrosive aluminum alloy, suitable for the pharmaceutical, chemical, and humid areas. If you want to increase anti-corrosion prevention, we also have the stainless-steel option. Thus reducing the risk of corrosion and expanding the range of applications in which they can be used, such as food handling applications.

We can make modifications to the guide units, according to the specifications of each application for optimal operation.

Guide unit accessories

These guide units have accessories to fix them. In addition, there is a fixation for the bars, being able to avoid any possibility of torsion or rotation in these.

If you want to optimize your application with improved functionality, performance, and increased lifespan, guide units may be the option for you. For further info please contact our technical team who will help you to choose the best option for you.

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