The cylinders are devices which change the kinetic energy of the fluid (compressed air) into motion of translation.

Pneumatic cylinders can change in appearance, size and function. In Magi we guarantee linear quality in all of our actuators.

There are several typologies in the function of the cylinders. Magi covers all the typologies. Double acting, Single acting (front spring, rear spring), through piston rod, anti-rotation, etc…

There is no single material for a pneumatic cylinder, depending on the type of cylinder, we can find cylinders in different materials as aluminum, stainless steel, plastic, iron, etc…

From our technical department we advise our clients to choose the cylinder that fits in the best way for the application required. Forces, temperatures, strokes, functions. In all of this and more, we can help you.

Made in Barcelona, Spain.


All of our cylinders, before being delivered to our customers, have passed a rigorous and exhaustive quality control.