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iso 15552 standard cylinder

standard cylinders 15552

Standard cylinder according to ISO 15552, for applications that need robustness


Standard cylinders 6432

Standard cylinders according to ISO 6432 standard, for small applications that require a mini cylinder. Also available, round cylinder, diameter 32mm to 63mm.

compact standard cylinders

Standard cylinder 21287

Standard cylinder according to ISO 21287, for small applications that require a compact cylinder

The cylinders are devices which change the kinetic energy of the fluid (compressed air) into motion of translation.

Thanks to the standardization of ISO rules, these types of cylinders are perfectly interchangeable with any brand in the market.

We have available pneumatic cylinders with the ISO rules; ISO 15552ISO 6432ISO 21287
Typology and versions: Double acting magnetic, Single acting magnetic, chrome rod, stainless steel piston rod, through piston rod, cylinder with Viton seals (high temperature).

Any modification or variant can be done without any problem.


All of our cylinders, before being delivered to our customers, have passed a rigorous and exhaustive quality control.