The guide units are used to incorporate a standard cylinder in them to achieve linear movements with great precision, also avoiding torsion and high loads.

Seeing the need for the use of guide units, we wanted to expand the range by creating stainless guide units to meet the needs of specific sectors where stainless steel components are essential to extend the life of the pneumatic cylinder and avoid short-term problems.

Previous research and the drive to perfect and expand our products have led us to use a stainless treatment to ensure maximum durability using AISI 304 stainless steel or AISI 316 stainless steel. This stainless version is designed for difficult environments that require avoiding corrosion as for example in the food industry, automotive, chemical among others.

The guide units that we manufacture are designed for cylinders that meet the specific ISO regulations of each one so that they can be coupled perfectly and thus achieve the exact handling of the loads. In addition to having stainless steel ISO cylinders we created the ideal set for use in demanding environments.

In addition, our guide units guarantee the anti-rotation effect of the pneumatic cylinder.

We want to cover the real demands of all our customers, even though the guidance units are designed for cylinders that comply with the ISO norm. We are also prepared to make necessary modifications to achieve the final product that each one needs. We offer customized solutions with the driving and antirotation of the cylinders as required by each client.

Our guide units are divided into two, the H type guide unit named because it is H-shaped and the U type guide unit which, as the name suggests, is U shaped.

High quality.

Deliveries in less than 24h-48h

Made in Barcelona, Spain.

ATEX on request

All of our cylinders, before being delivered to our customers, have passed a rigorous and exhaustive quality control.

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