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Compact pneumatic cylinders

compact pneumatic special cylinder

Compact pneumatic cylinders. Diameter 200, double rod type. All the fixings holes are under customer’s request. We adapt to your needs. Made in Barcelona (Spain).


The compact pneumatic cylinders, serie E125, E160, E200 and E250 offer the properly strength and power to work on pneumatic press machines.

The “E” cylinders have a big bore, but on the smaller body length and in this way it’s possible to save space.

This serie is provided by double shaft, the smaller one is the guide to balance the effort of cylinder.

Our engineering department works accurately and quickly to offer the best solutions to the client’s requests.

Our workshops are perfectly provided of the last generation type of machinery, and we are capable to produce under client’s request, totally customized. It’s possible choose the stroke, and the covers configuration in order to adapt it into your framework of machine.

We work with raw materials which are resulted acceptable by visual, dimensional, functional according to internal procedure and according to the UNI ISO 2859.

We certify that the above-mentioned products have been produced with approved materials.



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