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clamping cylinder

clampinc cylinder double acting

clamping cylinder manual


Adjustable stroke clamping cylinder. Hexagonal rod.

pulling clamping cylinder


  Pulling clamping cylinder anti rotation. Hexagonal rod.

These kinds of cylinders with hexagonal rod are considered particularly competitive in industrial automation where it is mostly used for clamping components.

Clamping cylinders are made with rolled polymer end caps on aluminum tube.

We have two versions about clamping cylinders; single acting non-rotation and manual and non-rotation clamping cylinder.

It is available in diameters 35mm and 40mm. Two types: Short type (70mm) and Long type (115mm)

We have available clamping pneumatic cylinders
Typology and versions: Double acting magnetic, Single acting magnetic, chrome rod, stainless steel piston rod, through piston rod, cylinder with Viton seals (high temperature).
Any modification or variant can be done without any problem.
AVAILABLE fixtures and magnetic sensors.

Any modification or variant can be done without any problem.

High quality.

Deliveries in less than 24h-48h

All of our cylinders, before being delivered to our customers, have passed a rigorous and exhaustive quality control.