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Why choose a guidance unit instead of a compact cylinder Trirod?


Guide unit VS compact cylinder Trirod

When we produce, we are interested to know which components are the best for the production. We want to achieve the best  application with the elements that achieve more  optimum performance.

At first appearance the compact cylinder trirod and a guide unit will achieve the same performance and benefits. With both we get a higher precision, a linear movement without torsion and a good anti-rotation system. However, a closer look reveals small variations.

Differences between a compact cylinder trirod and a guide unit

The stroke:

We have to keep in mind that the guiding units have no limit to the stroke, on the other hand compact cylinder trirod the maximum stroke is 250mm.

So, if we need a stroke more  than 250mm, we will use an ISO cylinder of the stroke we need and we will fit it together the  guide unit with the same stroke to achieve precision and avoid twisting.

Cylinder failures:

You also have to take in consideration that if you have problems with the cylinder for example; if it’s communicated, if it has a fault or if the cylindener  has arrived the end of its useful life,  in the case of the compact trirod the whole cylinder has to be replaced  and this  entails a higher cost.

On the other hand, if we use a guide units, we only have to change the ISO cylinder that is incorporated in it, and is not necessary change the guide unit. It can be use the same guide unit and this entails lower cost.


In addition to have  a lower cost you also have the possibility of being able to make the change faster and  not  wait to have one of a particular brand,  because you can apply an ISO cylinder of any brand due the  guide units are adapted for any type of standard ISO cylinder.


In conclusion, with the guide units we get  a  more optimal application, reducing cost, upgrade the benefits and satisfying the final customer, so  you will continue to be their best choice.

Contact us to get your guide unit either type H or type U, the latter  designed for applications with little space.


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