We produce pneumatic cylinders customized to customer specifications.

Our production centers allow us to manufacture all types of pneumatic cylinders with very short lead times.

With our engineering department, we advise all of our customers, offering them the maximum guarantee of success.

We have large experience in the manufacturing of special pneumatic cylinders, we can produce all kinds of cylinder such as…


Diameters: We can manufacture from small diameters like: 8mm, 10mm … or cylinders with diameters like: 250mm, 320mm.

Materials: Aluminum, Stainless Steel (AISI 304 – AISI 316), Plastic, Iron, Brass.

Models: Compact Cylinders, Tandem Cylinders, Anti-Rotation Cylinder, Oil-air Cylinder, Pressure Multiplier, High Temperature Cylinders.

Types: Single acting (front spring), Single acting (rear spring) Double acting, Through rod, Perforated rod, Magnetic, cushioned.

Seals: the seals used in all of our productions are high quality. The quality of the seals is vital for the durability of the cylinder.

All of our cylinders, before being delivered to our customers, have passed a rigorous and exhaustive quality control.

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