Special neumatic cylinder

special pneumatic cylinders
At Magi we are experts on the production of special pneumatic cylinder. We are focus on the needs of our clients in order to achieve the best product.
We have high qualified team, which will give you the best solution to your requirements. Magi aim for satisfy all customer requests according to the design provided. Our technical office will provide convenient improvements to obtain the best final product.
We work with confidential designs exclusively for our customers.


Adaptability to projects for special cylinder

We adapt to any type of productions, it does not matter how much you order. There are not minimum quantities. We have worked with all types of diameters as a small diameter such as 8, 10, 12 or big diameters such as 200, 320, 400 etc. In all of our productions we have had a final product that complies with the agreed conditions, because we take care about the guarantee and reliability for any project that you request, always respecting the quality-price of our products.


Materials used in our cylinders

The materials we use are with the highest quality. It depends on what kind application you will use, you would need a kind of material or even a combination of materials, contact us to explain your requirements. We work with materials such as aluminum, plastic, stainless steel, iron and brass. We can help you with the choice of what you need, because we have high specialize team in pneumatic engineering


Delivery times and final product

The delivery time can be different according to the needs of each special cylinder. In all the ways we work with very fast deliveries. We know the time is a necessity and we want to fulfill their objectives.
Magi give a quick and reliable answer, with rigorous quality controls during the production process, reaching a high-quality pneumatic cylinder, with no minimum limits and with a minimum delivery time.

Do you have the design of a special cylinder and do you need to be produced? Write us with your project and all your questions without any obligation.


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