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Pneumatic clamping cylinder Magi


Pneumatic clamping cylinder


As we already explain before, pneumatic cylinders transform the energy of compressed air into kinetic energy or compressive force. The clamping pneumatic cylinder is designed for the industrial automation. The main highline is the shape of its shaft, which is hexagonal. That makes very useful for blocking pieces and then for the next manipulation. In this way, we avoid any kind of movement.

Normalized characteristics of the clamping cylinders

Our standard clamping cylinders are inner diameter 32mm, 35mm and 40mm. Both diameters have two versions according to the internal diameter. These diameters have two versions, the short version for a stroke of 70 / 75mm and the long version of 115mm.

These are the standardized versions, but we can make with other inner diameters (50, 63, 80 …) according to the client’s request.

The working pressure of the clamping cylinders is between 2 to 10 bar, achieving a work force of 600N for the diameter 35mm and 800N for diameter 40mm.

The working temperature that can reach is -10 ÷ 60ºC

clamping cylinder

Materials of clamping pneumatic cylinders

The clamping cylinders are made with anodized aluminum profiles and plastic or aluminum test covers, according to the customer’s needs.

The hexagonal rod is made of chromed steel and finally the seals are made of NBR.

Types of clamping cylinders

We have three different clamping cylinders, the single-acting clamping cylinder, the double-acting clamping cylinder and the manual clamping cylinder, all of them anti-rotating (hexagonal shaft). Depending on your needs, one or the other will be recommended.

The difference between the single / double acting cylinders with the manual cylinders, is with the simple / double acting the stroke is fixed according to your choice either 70/75 or 115mm, however, with the manual cylinders, it is the worker who with the manual cylinder pressing system presses the piece manually adjusting the stroke and leaving the position fixed.

Accessories for cylinders

The accessories that we have for these cylinders, are threaded plastic stops, and anchor support for the clamping cylinder for each diameter.

If you want to see more details you can check our catalogs for the single action actuator or the manual action actuator.

We ensure maximum quality by controlling each of our cylinders following a rigorous and exhaustive quality control.

Anyway, if you need any modification or variant, we can make it without any problem.

Contact us to order your customized cylinder and we can contact you to get a final clamping cylinder that meets all your expectations.

Contact us and ask for the ones you need, without minimum quantity.

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