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Pneumatic cylinders for tight areas


Pneumatic cylinders for reduced applications

When we talk about applications with limited spaces, we know that choosing a standard actuator to obtain the necessary power can be complicated due to the dimensions that we have in our machine. That is why we have a range of small-sized cylinders such as compact cylinders or micro cylinders designed for this type of applications with small spaces.

Compact cylinders for applications with limited space

ISO 21287 cylinders are perfect for tight areas, because of the total length of the cylinder can be very compact. So they are ideal for these kind of applications. The dimensions of these cylinders are from the smallest diameter, 12 mm to bigger diameter 125mm, and about the strokes from 5 mm to 300 mm. Despite of their small sizes we can get a good solution. Its small design can help you to the production area assembly. The placement of the magnetic sensors in the slots that it incorporates in its design are simple and avoid to increase in size.

Micro cylinders for limited spaces

When we talk about small spaces, we can also think of ISO 6432 cylinders, thin and round cylinders where the tube of this micro cylinder is determined to reduce friction and extend its working live. The dimensions of these cylinders are from the smallest diameter of 8 mm to the biggest diameter of 25 mm, being able to also obtain diameters from 32 mm to 62 mm following the most standardized designs on the market. Regarding the stroke, are from 10 mm to 500 mm. Its round and light body makes it easier to install in places with shortage space.
It is a good cylinder for sectors that need technology and cleaning areas to prevent dust or dirt on the cylinder.These pneumatic cylinders, for small spaces, the environment temperature for both cylinders is from -20 to 80ºC in NBR (standard type) and from -20 to 150ºC in Viton option. We also have available the ATEX version, which is necessary for explosive applications and also in stainless steel for sectors with extreme conditions and high requirements.
If you need normalized cylinders for small spaces because of your limited space in your machine or application you can choose between these two types cylinders, the ISO 21287 compact cylinder and the ISO 6432 cylinder.
In any case, if you need any modification for you pneumatic cylinders for tight areas, you can contact us from here and our technical team will guide you to obtain a cylinder with the characteristics that you need.

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