stainless steel ISO 15552


Our ISO 15552 stainless steel cylinder is designed to be very robust with a precise and great damping adjustment, they are suitable for aggressive conditions and require regular cleaning so they are easy to maintain.The applications for these stainless ISO cylinders are several since they cover several fields such as food processing, automotive, pharmaceutical, packaging between other machinery that needs suitable cylinders to withstand heavy applications.

Our new series of ISO 15552 stainless steel cylinders, consists of a tube or sleeve, braces, stainless steel AISI 304 or stainless steel AISI 316 as required.

We have sensors, fixings among other accessories also available in stainless steel so that the end customer can combine them and get the application they really need.

We have the possibility to apply the modifications in the version, the stroke, the diameter, and what is needed to obtain the perfect cylinder for the special needs of each client.

The main characteristics of the ISO 15552 stainless pneumatic cylinder are:

  • Material for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Ease in assembly
  • Fast delivery
  • It can be included in more basic applications, even in extreme environments.
  • It is completely stainless
  • The straps are external
  • Its surface isn’t damaged by chemical agents.


Typology and versions: Cylinder ISO 15552 Round profile with braces, Simple magnetic effect with retracted stem, simple magnetic effect with extended stem, double damped magnetic effect, double damped magnetic through-rod, type of standard gasket (NBR) or Viton.

Any modification or variant, both in the type, the diameter and the race can be done without any problem.

AVAILABLE Accessories and fixings available, for more information contact the commercial department.


Supply of all the necessary parts for the assembly of a cylinder.

  • Cylinder mounting kit: front cover, rear cover, plunger, fastening screws, magnetic, and all necessary gaskets.
  • Tube / profile: Round type.
  • Rod: For any diameter and stroke.


  • All diameters and all strokes are available.
  • From diameter: 32mm to 125mm.
  • You only have to indicate diameter and stroke.
  • Availability stainless steel AISI 304 and AISI 316.
  • Typology and versions: Double Magnetic effect, Simple magnetic effect, through shaft, cylinder with Viton seals (high temperature).
  • Any modification or variant can be done without any problem.

Available in aluminium

ATEX on request

All of our cylinders, before being delivered to our customers, have passed a rigorous and exhaustive quality control.