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What pneumatic cylinder choose?

pneumatic cylinders in extreme environments

Pneumatic cylinders for extreme environments

It is important to know which cylinder is the one you need for your application, to cover all possible needs. That is why you need to consider the environment in which you are going to be, to be sure of choosing the best option.
We have created a range of stainless steel pneumatic cylinders for this type of en-vironments, to know more enter to our website in our stainless steel pneumatic cylinders and in our stainless steel guide units.

Cylinders in corrosive environments

In sectors or applications with corrosive and wet environments, it is advisable to use cylinders produced entirely in stainless steel, that means, all parts must be make in stainless steel to maximize the working life.
Our machines are specialized to work the stainless steel.
Our pneumatic cylinders are available in both stainless steel AISI 304 and stain-less steel AISI 316 to meet perfectly the needs of our customers.
A bad decision regarding the material chosen, it could give a lot of problems due to corrosion and its fast erosion, which will damage the cylinder and consequent-ly its application.
To learn more ,enter to our website regarding stainless steel pneumatic cylinders and our stainless steel guide units

Cylinders in environments with extreme temperatures

In environments with an extreme temperature, as below or above than usual temperature range -20º to 80º C, We should us a cylinder with a lubrication and sealing gaskets that can be used in this type of environments.
A cylinder that is in a usual temperature of + 120º C will need a cylinder with VI-TON sails that can hold from -20 to 150º C .
If you need a cylinder with this range of temperatures, we will can make it. Since standard pneumatic from special pneumatic cylinder according with the condi-tions that you require.

Cylinders in dirty environments

In environments where dirt can be deposited on the rod or products of the appli-cations, it must be considerate that the cylinder must have metallic scraper rings, instead of plastics or other softer materials, that achieve the essential objective of keep it clean the rod and to extend the working life. It could also be done with a system of protection over the rod.

Pneumatic actuators for clean environments

In sectors where all machinery must be hygienic and clean as for the food or pharmaceutical industry, the cylinders must be made by the rules imposed in each sector. We recommend our stainless steel cylinders or plastic cylinders fully ap-proved for these industries. 

Pneumatic cylinder in explosive environments

In potentially explosive applications, cylinders have to be under ATEX certified material. We have all our ISO cylinders in ATEX version if it is requested.

The pneumatic cylinders can be different depending in which application you will use. You should choose the best cylinder for your application. If you need advice to choose the best material according to your application or special features, just contact us.

Contact to us to find which Magi cylinder is the best to use in each environments.


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