In Magi Pneumatic we are constantly growing and improving so we have decided to bring to light a new range of pneumatic cylinders also called pneumatic actuators, these new and improved cylinders are stainless pneumatic cylinders, these devices, like the others, have a movement linear created thanks to the transformation of kinetic energy into compressed air.

All the cylinders, even these stainless cylinders that we manufacture are within the ISO standard. Due to this standardization our cylinders are perfectly compatible with the machinery used, that is to say, they are interchangeable with the existing brands in the pneumatics market.

Magi Pneumatic works to reach most industries and improve their expectations. That is why we have created stainless ISO cylinders. These cover the needs especially of the alimentary sector, pharmaceutical and of the automotive sector since by incorporating the necessary treatment we obtain stainless cylinders resistant to aggressive environments.

The main features of these stainless steel ISO standard cylinders are:

  • Comply with ISO regulations.
  • Clean external design, avoiding the accumulation of dirt getting an easy maintenance.
  • Resistant to extreme situations because of the chemical products that can be used in some of the industries.
  • Reduced delivery times.


We have standard cylinders ISO 15552, ISO 6432, ISO 21287 all of them in the stainless steel version.
Typology and variants: Double magnetic effect, simple magnetic effect, chromed shaft, stainless shaft, through shaft, cylinder with Viton seals (high temperature).

Material: Stainless Steel AISI 304 or stainless steel AISI 316.

We can make any modification or variant for your pneumatic actuators, contact the technical department.

AVAILABLE fixing accessories and magnetic sensors in stainless steel.

ATEX on request

For any changes to the design, materials or sizes consult the technical department.